How to install timing tape on sbc balancer

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How to install timing tape on sbc balancer

Spectre Performance 4237 Adjustable Timing Tab for Small Block Chevy. Multiply the damper diameter by 3. Sounds like both of yours are. Yup, smack the crank back and forth to seat the thrust bearing. If your crank is not degreed, it should be. 2. MSD sells inexpensive timing tapes for each harmonic balancer diameter. Ask the RK guys how they know. Now I just got to put it all back together. Big blocks like around 38 degrees,small blocks a little less,34-36. If any other timing gear set is used, it is necessary to check camshaft position for correct timing align-ment. /s/MTM-----'74 Red TypeLT. (No idea what the cam specs are ) It has a 8 inch balancer and one of the Mr Gasket timing tabs that reads from 16 BTDC to 10 ATDC Anyways right now at idle it's reading 12 BTDC. Now, Holley EFI products power these cars and are dominating the performance world. Since it was installed it has chewed up the timing cover seal (harmonic balancer seal) three times. Warning. . Create adjust and print full scale Degree Wheel Templates to check valve timing - Metric CHEVROLET Timing Tab, Small Block Chevy - Chrome - 283-350 With 7" Balancer This is an adjustable, chromed steel timing tab for a SB Chevy with an 7 inch harmonic balancer. Once TDC has been established, the rest goes like this: Divide this by 360 and you'll get the measurement in millimeters that equal one degree. I would expect the computer to advance/retard timing smoothly with engine acceleration, not jump back & forth. Final Assembly Guide: How to Build Chevy-Block Engines This chapter shows you how to professionally assemble your engine. 4l and i trying to find the TDC on the harmonic balancer to the timing tape on the damper and set it to zero and installed the distributor made sure it lined up with the oil pump and set my rotor to the node where the first spark plug wire connects and installed it to the fireing order 18436572 but im getting fuel spitting out the throttle High Performance Harmonic Balancer Small Block Chevy Sbc 8 Damper 283 302 350. Rotate the engine the other way until it comes up against the stop and mark the balancer again. Shop for discount Harmonic Balancer Chevy here. Use red Loctite. using short bursts from the impact wrench,slowly draw HB onto crankshaft until fully seated. Hand-held instruments like this diagnostic tester (right) can be used to show engine rpm while monitoring total ignition timing. The photo on the right is correct. In both cases, the amount of movement is the same visually estimated to be close to 1/2 inch. Having 2 of them off by the same amount is extremely unlikely. lights dont like the MSDs. they should have to be tapped in. Timing Tape and other Timing related questions for my sbc !!! Timing tape question I know for sure TDC is 0 on my timing marker and harmonic balancer , #1 piston is at the highest point, my heads were off so I could visually see. 7. Use RTV silicone sealant on seal to ensure proper seal to pan. Stick the timing tape to the balancer. As First step was to set the timing properly using a strobe. Hit to draw a set of 40 timing tapes at selected diameter increments. Just ensure it's the correct one for your diameter damper. By the way, 6 3/4 dampers are available from GM for the new style engines. Hey guys, got a short video for y’all today just to update you on a situation I’m dealing with. NOT recommended for RPMs in excess of 6500 NOT SFI Small Block Chevy Harmonic Balancer, 6-3/4 Inch, Black made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $59. 68. Some machine shops have the capability of turning and degreeing your balancer for a small charge. Install front harmonic balancer and torque to 60 ft. Remove distributor hold-down. This way, as the balancer turns, air can't get underneath the leading edge of the tape and rip it off at high rpms. Make a mark on your balancer, and put a good timing tape on with 0 lined up on true TDC that you just found. Not included in this chapter are measurements, tolerances and checks of bearing clearances, cam timing, and other critical dimensions. 4. and use a regular 350 balancer. Now get a $5 timing tape from any parts store and put it on that balancer lining up the zero marks. If your balancer is not marked at 50 degrees, take a tape measure and measure from the 0 degree mark to the following point (mark does NOT have to be exact): Balancer Diameter Distance 6” 2-5/8” 7” 3-1/16” 8” 3-1/2” 4. Screw the piston stop bolt in till it just touches the top of the piston. How To Install a Harmonic Damper (balancer) on a Small Block Ford 302. I should also point out that the best way to REALLY check your total timing is to buy an $8 "timing tape" that basically wraps around your harmonic balancer and puts 60 degrees worth of degree marks ON THE BALANCER where you can easily see them. It's an 89 truck block, if it matters. A total  If your stock damper is missing timing marks or the ones on your existing tapes come in a set of seven tapes suitable for the following damper diameters: 6”, 6. This timing tape is precisely accurate in calibration. I checked tdc and the pointer is aimed at the timing mark on the harmonic balancer when #1 is at its highest point. i kept doing that up to 40 degrees. 00 USPS flat rate shipping box. Early Chevrolet manual says to hammer it on. Mark the balancer and put a thin line there with tippex or a scribe as long as you can see it. sbc chevy ati super damper sfi harmonic balancer internal bal. it doesn't pick up the white timing mark! New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. Buy MSD 8985 Timing Tapes: Covers - Amazon. Borrow or rent a balancer installer that bolts onto the end of the crank and uses a heavier thread to push the balancer into position, or heat the hub as described and gently tap it into place. Small block Chevy stock-type replacement 6-3/4" diameter harmonic balancer. When the harmonic balancer is seated all the way it will stop. In fact, the timing is as far off as the balancer ring has managed to twist itself, and there is no easy or obvious way to detect this. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Torque bolts to 35 ft. timing tape can be used on the harmonic balancer to achieve the same result. 75 7 Sbc 8 Bbc Pontiac 5. To do this, measure the circumference of the balancer with a flexible, cloth or paper tape, measurer or install permanent degree tape to the balancer. Draw a line on the harmonic balancer where the zero of the timing tab is. Balanced Harmonic Damper Balancer. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale There's nothing wrong with installing a timing tape. A convenient way to avoid the expense of having the harmonic balancer degreed. 12 through any big online parts house. Note: it may be necessary to turn the oil pump shaft to effect proper alignment. Make a mark at both stops, and in the middle is tdc. . Product Features: Accurate in calibration; For hi-performance engines; Increased performance; Set valve lash at proper time The most common type of balancer has a TDC line that is about 10* CCW from the crank keyway (as viewed from the front of the balancer). The easiest way to tell if you have went 90 degrees is with a balancer with timing marks. Put on the pointer, insert piston stop of some sort, rotate the engine over until it hits, then go backwards. Use the tape to find your 8 degree offset. e. Re: Is it possible to replace the timing cover on SBC w/o dropping the oil pan? Let me re-phrase the question a little. i. Finally I appealed to my buddies on this forum, and Brant pointed out that the timing pointer on a 305 is directly above the centerline of the crankshaft at the 12:00 o'clock position, while the timing pointer on a 350 is at approximately the 1:30 position. Summit Racing® OE-Style Harmonic Dampers SUM-163289 which is 28 oz and SUM-163302 is 50 oz. 99. 75. replacing the key with one for a gen 1 motor . 96. Then install the ignition switch and start the engine with a IGN hot switch as I suggested above. The 79 350 I just pulled out of my 71 GMC a couple of weeks is that way. STEP 9 The WEIAND Supercharger intake manifold should be thoroughly washed prior to installation. Start the engine. I am a little confused at setting the mechanical advance. With a marking pen, draw line on the harmonic balancer where the zero mark on the timing tab is. Apply a small amount of oil or assembly lube to the surface of the front seal and balancer hub, then reinstall the harmonic balancer with the replacement installer/press. Cut a piece of masking tape this length place it on the zero mark on the balancer anti clockwise and the other end of the tape should be 36* BTDC getting you close enough to tune it. Designed for timing high-performance engines and setting valve lash. New Member. 1 will be loose. The threaded crank just allows you to secure the pusher tool. Went out for another test run. i made scratches with a sharp screwdriver, then Install the permanent timing pointer and adjust it so that the pointer is indicating 0 degrees or TDC; Re-install the spark plugs and wires and set static timing before attempting to start the engine. I started with a pretty good engine dress up kit . Make sure that the markings on the tape are facing you, and place the tape on the surface. You can get a timing tape for your balancer, but if you want to figure out the distance between degrees to mark the balancer or tab for yourself, run a tape around the outside of the balancer and divide the distance by 360. I have found that the best way to set timing is to set total,not initial,timing,and let the initial fall wherever it may. 250 Block Tape Timing - - Block Timing Tape Ignition Balancer Chevy 8" Big Harmonic 5. either way you WANT to verify tdc and use whatever timing method thereafter. Make sure the balancer is ultra clean. Apply high temperature RTV to both sides of the washer prior to About Us. the other option is find someone with 5. Hammering the balancer on will have no effect on the thrust bearing or thrust surface of the crank. Torque to 20 lb. Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool (Part. could be a 6", 6. #12. 40 Pc P Style Steel Wheel Weight Assortment Clip On Balancing Discover Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet on sale right here with the largest variety of Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet anywhere online. This is a great engine with plenty of power at an affordable price. Installation Instructions for 40700 to 40730 Timing Tape Installation Instructions: 1. Install was tricky but worth it. 2 Disconnect Timing Jumper at distributor (Tan wire with Black stripe). 8. The least expensive online catalog for all your Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet needs. #13. If you have an adjustable timing light, this is very easy to check. It is a piece of tape with timing degrees all the way around it and you install on your balancer so you can read the advance. 3. And this should be in by 3000 RPM,without vacuum advance hooked up. The new line can be easily highlighted with white paint, etc. Anyway, I'm planning on buying the timing tape from Jegs and making my own pointer. The motor manual says the initial timing is 4 degrees BTDC and to set it on the balancer. 1. to my amazement, I have not been able to locate any. 96 A popular crate motor for repowering classic trucks on a budget is the 350 Chevrolet small-block, PN 10067353. harmonic balancer installation How do i know how far the harmonic balancer needs to go on the crank on a small block chevy 350. i always drill and tap the hole in the crank,just for insurance and for To get an accurate total, you really have to install timing tape on the balancer. After adding the new springs etc, I advanced my timing beyond the factory marks on the balancer to its optimum running potential . The pointer is generally on the opposite side of the outlet. just line up tdc on balancer with tdc mark on tape and wrap around your clean balancer. Checking the timing tab/damper for accuracy. 3962. if your crank has 2 places cut for woodruff keys,you will need 2 keys like the ones you took out. 1/4 - 20 Oil pump cover 80 lb. balancer 917781 harmonic sfi internal internal 917781 sfi harmonic chevy damper bal. Timing is key to keeping your engine running properly, and this tape will allow you to clearly see where you are setting your timing. Torque front timing cover bolts to 6-7 ft. You can also mark your balancer @, say 14°, 16° or 18°, and again @ 32°, so you don't need a timing tape or somewhat inaccurate dial back timing light. The seal surface on the timing cover is clean and smooth. Apply a small "dab" of silicon sealant at each end of the oil pan seal. Remove the 2 centrifugal advance springs. *Note: The kit includes both coarse and fine thread bolts, be sure to check your balancer for the correct thread pitch before installation. to/2bsBeHH We can help you find cheap prices of MSD 8985 Timing Tapes It looks like everyone is shopping for MSD 8985 Timing Tapes. Choose the timing tape that matches your balancer’s diameter. 3) Install supplied crank bolt and washer, then torque to 65 ft. It's better to use a standard timing light (or the dial-back light set to 0) with a degreed balancer or timing tape (don't expect it to stay there forever though). Heat, road salt, and oil can destroy the rubber in your 1969 Chevy Corvette’s harmonic balancer. Setting timing is an important step. How to Replace a Timing Cover Seal. View Details. The least expensive online catalog for all your Harmonic Balancer Chevy needs. (oil, unless noted) Professional Products SFI Pontiac harmonic balancer / damper sports white lettered timing marks from 0-60 degrees as well. You can buy a timing tape at most speed shops for different size balancers (or crank pulley). A convenient way to avoid the expense of having the harmonic damper degreed. Install the WEIAND lower blower drive pulley to this assembly using the six bolts provided. } MSD Ignition 8985 Harmonic Balancer Timing Tape 5250 8 Small Big Block Chevy SBC Harmonic Balancer Here is a view with the timing cover in place. When you rebuild an engine that very surface should get the crank hammered to seat it. 2) Bolt the accessory pulley to the balancer with the supplied (3) 3/8” bolts. clean off crankshaft bolt and washer,install on crankshaft finger tight. then, i'd move the "10" line on the balancer to "0" and mark the lines again. Installed the original harmonic balancer with speedy sleeve. Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet. Silly question, but when I go to put it on, do I need to line up the "0" on the tape with the "0" on the balancer? I was told it doesn't matter which way I put it on but that doesn't make sense. for a previously ignored underhood area, and the elimination of timing tapes Engine Harmonic Balancer Cover; For BB Chevy using 8 Inch Damper; Black. 1976 Oldsmobile 350, My set-up is a factory HEI set-up. Designed for small-block Chevys with OEM-style timing chains, these one-piece timing covers with a flat-black finish come complete with all the necessary fasteners, front oil pan seals, front seals, and water-pump gaskets In the picture below (taken from your build thread) the balancer on your engine appears to be a degreed balance with lots of extra timing marks. From what I gathered, It all fits into a $5. 25 In. Note how the photo on the left’s pulleys do not align properly. Motorcycle Bike Wheel Balancer Rim Tire Balancing Spin Static Truing Stand 43. Using a air chisel with a blunt tip on a plate bolted on the balancer to drive it on. If your balancer has no timing tape We offer price match guarantee!!! If you find it for a better price anywhere online, we will meet or beat that advertised price!!! For price match please call 832-514-9507 the timing has been “correctly” set. teflon tape to the threads, and install the old fitting into your new waterpump. CAUTION: When using Performer-Link True Rolling Timing Chain and Gear Set #7800/#7802 with an Edelbrock cam and lifter kit, straight up timing alignment is achieved. Some small blocks had a timing tab straight up,you had to look behind the water pump to see it. The matching timing tab can be viewed from the front of the engine sticking out underneath the driver's side "leg" of the water pump. Comes with 8 different timing tapes; Fits common balancers from 5. The turning force will get very tight when the balancer contacts the timing gear. when I try to twist the distributor to get the mark closer to the timing tab, it will get about 1 inch away from the begining of the tab and the motor chokes down, wont run Step By Step. It's common for the outer ring to slip. When you install the tape, make sure you overlap the ends so that the trailing edge is on top of the leading edge. This timing tape is a great way to improve the visibility of the timing marks on your harmonic balancer. My harmonic balancer isn’t going on without a fight!!! Let me know what you think I can do to Take a look at our Harmonic Balancers as we install one on an old school hot rod with a Small Block Chevrolet swap! Pro Products Harmonic Damper Install How To Install Harmonic Balancer On Recognizing the importance of the timing, MSD offers these timing tapes. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Install fuel pump. after that, i made marks on the damper in my nova by using the stock timing tab- line up "0", and make marks that matched the marks on the tab. You need a positive stop to screw into the spark plug hole. You can make your on marks if the balancer is off the engine. Balancer . the balancer also nedds to have a pressfit, make sure your crank is not worn. 5. Set the balancer aside. Drilling the back of the harmonic balancer is a common machine shop way of "balancing" the harmonic balancer to the motor - during a balancing of the entire rotating assembly. from @. To set total timing you must first mark the 36 degree, or total advance desired, location on the harmonic balancer. Careful measurement and marking of the degrees in this fashion on a length of masking tape can then be applied to the damper, aligning TDC or "0" on the tape to the line on the balancer, with the degrees BTDC to the right of this mark. Reinstall the timing cover with 6 pound-feet of torque to each bolt. Also, a fluidamper is 7 1/4 dia. The MSD timing tape comes with eight different tapes to fit common balancers ranging from 5. Let dry 12 hrs then put a good heavy coat over the tape. Install front cover. Here’s how: Measure the circumference of your harmonic balancer using a sewing tape measure (or other flexible tape measure). Hand tighten the bolt into the crankshaft. 8 inch diameter balancer. lbs. Use blue Loctite. 25" or a 6. Just finished checking the timing (I don't have a timing tape), but it's around 12-15 BTDC. I have heard that I would need a dial back timing light when installing the new DUI distributor due to possible unheard LA small block timing is suddenly way off. Circle Related to draw a set of 40 timing tapes at selected diameter increments. 9 grade) supplied with Super Damper p/ns 918844, 918845, 918852 and 918855): 1. NOTE: The best way to measure the distance on the balancer is to mark off the distance on a piece of masking tape with a set of calipers and place it on the outer surface of the balancer alining it with the original TDC timing mark and this will be a little more accurate. When you have to set back down immediately it's ready. 6 out of 5 stars 29. Many aftermarket balancers have timing marks on both sides to accommodate either pointer. 375" I think, hard to tell with it in the engine and a crank pulley in front of it and the radiator and grill there too!) or timing light (need to purchase both of the light Check out how to swap out the engine for your Chevy, Featured in the 2007 April Issue of Chevy High Performance Magazine. harmonic balancer or timing wheel. Install front harmonic balancer and torque to 60 ft/lbs. Be sure the keyway is lined up with the Woodruff key. Locate and note the “0” degree mark on the timing tape. Install new camshaft with new sprockets and timing chain. The local shop that did the machine work on the engine is advising I use an Engine Pro balancer, but it has no timing marks. and using masking tape, tape the start end of the measuring tape on the balancer line which is TDC to #1 cyl and . Curved with an Accel coil/module. The engine is a new Mercruiser-Quicksilver reman with about a dozen hours of run time. Wrap template around hub, tube or pulley etc to mark degree points. The photo on the left shows a balancer damper that is not installed fully onto the crankshaft. 250 MSD 8985 Small Cal Van Harmonic Balancer Installer Set Metric MM and Standard SAE Made in USA Cal Van Harmonic - $44. tighten crankshaft bolt to 130 foot pounds. Shoot the balance with the timing light, it should read 15 degrees on the balancer. For All Chevrolet Cars and Trucks How to Install the MSD Atomic: Carb to EFI Conversions February 15, 2017 by Muscle Car DiY In this chapter, I cover a complete throttle-body EFI installation, the MSD Atomic EFI system. If you need to add the 180* mark on your balancer for setting valves then get yourself a seamstress measuring tape. If you are not replacing the timing chain, you are now ready to scrape off the waterpump sealing surfaces with a razor blade, clean all your parts and bolts up, and put things back together with your new waterpump. How To Install a Harmonic Damper (balancer) on a Small Block Ford 302 The photo on the left shows a balancer damper that is not installed fully onto the crankshaft. diameter; Marked in 1 degree increments from 14 to 64 BTDC; Helps set your timing . Balancer Fully Installed and timing tab . Launch MSWord, open a doc, table insert, 1 column 45 rows, set row height to exactly . Setting initial timing on a small block Chevy (SBC) John Milmont on October 20, 2012 — 7 Comments This is a little how-to for setting the initial ignition timing on a small block Chevy before its ever been run. So, you'll need to find another way to time the engine. EFI Connection's 24x SBC systems are designed to output the 24x crank and 1x cam signal of a GM Gen III LS-Series engine. Align the 0 degree mark on the tape with the TDC mark on the balancer. 99 View Item Details 40 Pc P Style Steel Wheel Weight Assortment Clip On Balancing Made Locate Harmonic Balancer Chevy on sale below with the biggest variety of Harmonic Balancer Chevy anywhere online. MSDs timing tape set comes with eight different tapes to fit balancers from 5-1/4" to 8" diameters. So how to you install a harmonic balancer on a straight 6? On a small block the front of the crankshaft is threaded so you can screw the intall tool in and away you go. If you’re going on to the chain, keep right on Locate Chevy Harmonic Balancer on sale below with the largest variety of Chevy Harmonic Balancer anywhere online. Just keep advancing until it pings. User Info. 2/3. Professional Products Harmonic Balancer (damper) part number: 80007. Searching for Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool online? Locate Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool on sale below with the largest option of Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool anywhere online. #4920, for Part #4793 Chevy Small Block 265-400, 90º V6, Pontiac and GM 4 cylinder timing set and degreeing the camshaft will be easier if you loosen the rocker arms so that the camshaft can turn against the crankshaft flange and timing marks are facing out toward you. We offer a variety of Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet for your automotive needs. This can be purchased from any perfomance store. 14159 (Pi), then divide by 360°. Alvin, if your going to get a timing tape make sure to measure your balancer so you get the right tape. I suggest highlighting the timing case 0deg mark (tiny white paint dob or like), as your advance measurements will be read from the tape relative to this mark. What you're going to find out is that a harmonic balancer won't clear the timing tab. Edd. The tapes are marked off in one degree increments from 14° ATDC to 64° BTDC and are printed on a tough, chemical resistant material. no play whatsoever. If the distributor shaft drives the oil pump, ensure the distributor shaft fully engages the oil pump. On a side note, many people find that dial-back timing lights are inaccurate. The best way to set ignition timing is to modify the initial advance and advance curve to get the best power at The generic tape will be for a Chevy balancer. Learn how to set ignition timing on your Corvette. Remove spark plug wires and all other wiring/vacuum hoses from distributor. Also, did you lube the seal on the timing cover before attempting to install the balancer? Are you able to supply us a photo of how far it currently goes into the timing cover? Budget amzn. When he timing is not set properly the car may experience hard starting, low power or bad gas mileage. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. You may need to swap out the balancer. about 36 degrees. Install fuel pump and pushrod. Put on a pair of oven mitts and slide it on. The timing advances as the engine's speed accelerates, however, resulting in a variable that will need to be periodically adjusted using a timing light. Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Tire Balancing Weights Street Truing Stand Black New. you can also go to the speed shop and buy timing tape for an 8 inch balancer. The stock balancer has a pronounced line across it at about top dead center. Re: Timing marks on a SBC Grab yourself a piston-stop and some timing tape and remark your balancer. Slowly rotate backwards till it the piston stop. For internal balance engines. Setting the timing on your engine is one of the most misunderstood adjustments, the information on these pages will help you understand and answer all of your questions about ignition timing. You can find out these things with a normal timing light. Also doesn't hurt to lube the crank snout with a bit of oil before installing the balancer. 6. Slide the bolt through the washer, then insert the bolt through the center of the balancer. wipe the balancer down good with alchol and spray some clearcoat on it to protect your tape. but you would aslo have to fap up some accsories brackets. Install the rotor and the cap (without the springs). Be sure that the mating surface is clean of any dirt, grease or debris. Installing a Distributor - How To Stab A Distributor I grew up calling it Stab a Distributor (its a Southern Thing) If you are anything like me, you've stabbed a distributor one tooth off at least once and put 'er in 180 degrees out more times than you are willing to admit. 1 plug and. 780" 10% Underdrive Harmonic Balancer Damper Chevy SBC 383 400 Street Series 6 3/4" Int. All you need is a piece of masking tape, the formula for the circumference of a circle (2 pi R), and a ruler to then mark the increments on the tape before you install it. of if you have room you could fab a dis in the rear in the intake. Certainly, there is a large amount of requests for A washer is also used to ensure that the force of the bolt is evenly distributed through the balancer to the crankshaft. 25 to 8 In. Stovebolt Calendars. Have sbc with factory degree balancer with marking in inside edge close to . If it's a real 350 balancer (and not an original Monte SS 305 balancer that got shoved onto the front of your 350 engine) it's PROBABLY marked to work with a timing tab in the 1:30 location. So it doesn't have a harmonic balancer. then index the balancer. Be real careful with the pullers to keep from messing up the threads in the crank. The least expensive online catalog for all your Balancing needs. I’d get a timing light you know works. With the engine running at 3,000 rpm and the added marks to the balancer, the engine’s total advance can be measured and changed with the appropriate springs, weights, and bushings. If you don’t, you need to scribe a 36-degree mark on your harmonic balancer. At the other extreme, oval-track engines can spend hours running at high rpm in a relatively narrow band close to the crank’s critical resonance frequency. Then shut the fuel off and crank it over with the starter and verify 15* with the timing light. Disconnect the vacuum advance. it should point at roughly 11:00 when if the keyway groove is pointed at 12:00. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on To install, I cut out my decal AND paper backit (8" balancer). Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99. Msd Ignition 8985 Harmonic Balancer Timing Tape 5. part # 917781 sbc chevy ati. The answer is the distance in inches for one degree. The photos illustrate how to go about moving the distributor and setting the initial timing. You can adjust your car's timing with a timing light and a set of wrenches, tools Numbers to the left of zero on the timing tape refer to the piston as it travels down Shine the light directly onto the harmonic balancer and find the number. i tried a timing tape once- but it spontaneously disintegrated after about a week. Also the outer ring of the balancer can move. DO NOT FORCE IT. Butler carries only the trusted name in harmonic balancers like ATI, Powerbond by Dayco, Romac, and our ex Re: where to install timing tape? Bigger and round would be better so as to not score the piston, but you will be turning it by hand and slowly, so a small bolt will be OK just don't lean on it at all, once it stops, that's it, then turn it over in the opposite direction. The better timing lights have an advance knob that allow you to set the total timing, which occurs usually somewhere above i tried a timing tape once- but it spontaneously disintegrated after about a week. Get it as accurate as you can. MSD 8985 Timing Tapes made by MSD, for as low as $5. The measurement is established on the Flat Black Timing Covers are the fastest, easiest way to customize your engine compartment and get that stealth look. If it moves while tightening the balancer bolt just rotate the engine 720 degrees clockwise (or two full turns) and you will be back where you started, at TDC on #1. Hey guys, chevy 350, mild cam, hei dizzy I am having an issue getting my timing dialed in. Keep a deadblow mallet handy in case it needs a couple taps to seat it. now you can time to your hearts content! Re: Timing tape install Wipe the balancer down with some lacquer thinner first, then dry it. 13. That is called power timing it. 5” When he timing is not set properly the car may experience You may want to mark the harmonic balancer with a zero point referenced to a fixed point on the engine. The tape won't stay on for long no matter what type you get so I used it as a one-time thing just to mark the balancer. Amazon. 74 Final Assembly Steps of Your Big-Block Chevy Engine Rebuild - Covers the best techniques for rebuilding the 366-, 396-, 402-, 427-, and 454-ci big-block engines. 3 Start and idle the engine until coolant reaches normal operating temperature. If you don’t have a dial-back light, you can use a standard timing light and install a simple timing tape. Rotate the engine by hand until it comes up against the stop and mark the balancer at the timing pointer. Is the timing wrong, the tab installed on the engine in the wrong place, or just what the heck is going on. Regarding the timing mark on the balancer: the scribed "0*" line should be about 10* counter-clockwise from the location of the keyway groove. New Stock Style Harmonic Balancer Sb Chevy 400 External Balance The base 400 used a hub rather than a harmonic balancer. If you don't have one you can rent one at AutoZone. Is there anyway to check the timing tape marks or mark the balancer so I know that I'm exactly at 50*. Almost all 8" balancers are like this. Now you know that your timing marks are good and you have the degrees marked up to 50 or 60 depending on the tape you have. Dust the balancer with clear coat, let it tack up. chevy super ati sbc part # damper bal. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale The timing specs are supposed to be under the hood on the emissions tag. The best way to check total timing if you don’t have a dial-back timing light is to use these simple timing tapes from MSD. Setting the timing is normally an easy task, but sometimes the manufacturer's timing marks are missing or damaged. If you look closely at it,it is two pieces of metal,with rubber sandwiched in between. if there is play, sometimes making raised spots on the side of the keys with a center punch works. com: timing tape for harmonic balancer. The 6 1/4 balancer (not available anymore) came on the earliest SBC in 1955 timeframe. Using sandpaper or emery cloth, clean outside diameter of harmonic balancer of all paint and dirt. If you have a driver's side outlet, then your pointer is correct and you should either change dampers or tape your balancer to get the timing marks right. Chevy GM LS 6. I've tried installing the distributor at 55, 45 even 60* with no luck. Install the V-belt accessory drive pulley to the damper using the bolts provided. This means that LS1 compatible ECUs can now be used on 24x equipped SBC engines! The differences in the variety of available SBC engines required us to design and manufacture many different 24x SBC conversion kits. If the balancer has timing marks, you are Done. Being right next to the outside of the balancer and not further out from it is a good clue. 8 Black Harmonic Balancer Cover for Chevy small-block enginesThese patented harmonic balancer covers offer improved readability, more stable Top Dead Center indication and timing accuracy, enhanced appearance for a previously ignored underhood area, and the elimination of timing tapes which are inevitably flung off. 81. i never tried it but if you have some spare sbc parts laying around, you could try . Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Remove your distributor cap and rotor. TDC is halfway between these two marks, Then install a timing tape (available at most any parts store) so that 0 on the tape corresponds with the halfway mark you just made. Avoid trouble with this precision timing tape. Step 2-Install the Vertex® Distributor on the engine with the rotor lined up with the number one electrode mark on the distributor housing. Setting the timing without any marks is not difficult with the right information and a few common tools. The balancer is 6" diameter so that's roughly 10 degrees. This is now your 36* mark to set the total timing at. when I try to time my chevy 350 the mark on the harmonic balancer is flashing about 2 inches before the timing tab. The mark on the balancer is designed to work with a timing tab in one of those locations. How to Install Timing Chain and Heads -Rebuild Engine DIY HOW TO INSTALL ARP SBC HEAD STUDS Motown II Timing Cover - Harmonic Balancer - Oil Pan Installation Since we installed a timing tape, we didn't need the degree markings on the tab. Google recommends visiting our text version of this document. Recommended for 500 hp and under Vibration Damper Timing Tape Allen Wrench (if car has vacuum advance distributor) Tachometer (hand held or a helper if dash mounted) Distributor Hold Down Wrench Ignition Timing Theory Timing is the point, measured in crankshaft degrees, that the distributor fires each respective spark plug. install timing tape on balancer with no marks Drivetrain & Performance install timing tape on balancer with no marks - Chevy Nova Forum Steve's Nova Site is an automotive enthusiast website dedicated to the 1962 - 1979 Chevrolet Nova, Chevy II and Acadian automobiles. It the balancer does not have any timing marks (some only have one big mark), then you need to get some timing tape for the diameter of the balancer. Use it for accurate timing, setting valve lash or when Remove the #1 spark plug and insert the piston stop. in diameter. Any of the blunt force methods can be hard on the thrust bearing. If your Kragen's parts lists a 6 inch balancer, it is wrong. It's the same tunnel ram set up, with a crane Fireball 2 302H #114822 in a sbc 350. The mark on the balancer should be lined up with the 0 or TDC mark on the timing pointer. Ignition Harmonic 8985 MSD Small Big Chevy Balancer 8" 5. If the latter, find exactly TDC on #1 piston, position pointer and tape the balancer so that "0" (TDC) is at the pointer. Then go another 140° from the 37 ft/lbs starting point and you are now tight. NOTE: Install new seal between oil pan and front cover if old seal is damaged after removal. in. Although skipping all the steps and simply adjusting the harmonic balancer pulley to TDC and installing the distributor may seem like a direct approach that is quick and easy, it doesn't always work: the crankshaft travels around twice during the cylinder's full operation, and the exhaust cycle also shows up at TDC on the harmonic balancer. Its possible a vortec style timing cover might have been used - cant say for sure if the vortec marks are/were the same as sbc, even though they used the same blocks. loading Mr Gasket 1588 - Balancer Timing Tape SB-Chevy . Installed a new seal using the seal installation and alignment tool. I assume I just apply he timing tape so the 4 degrees BTDC on the tape is on top of the line. Attach a degree wheel or affix a 4 to 5 inch length of masking tape to the damper ring with the left end of the masking tape about 1 inch to the left of the timing pointer on the timing cover, positioning the masking tape toward the block-side edge of the damper ring, leaving room at the front edge of the ring to affix your timing tape later. I understand the general concept of the tape. Wipe clean with a suitable solvent, (such as lacquer thinner). Just use a cloth tape measure and measure the circumference of the balancer (i. Lightly moisten paper timing tape to adhere tightly to pulley for marking. 0943. As it turns out, I should have removed a bit more to allow us to see more of the timing tape, but this will do for now. It's hard to see the marks on my balancer, so I ordered timing tape from Summit. APPLY ONLY TIMING TAPE TO CLEAN SURFACE. By applying a timing tape to the harmonic balancer, for example, you can set initial timing with a standard timing light and check total timing as well. if to tight remove it,make sure it's clean and try again. 440 Ignition Timing with MSD system. As Truckpuller has said. For S/B Chevy V8 engines. Skip to content . Install third-party convenient apps on your mobile phone. so it can be identified as the correct line to use when timing the engine. Skip to main content. Mr Gasket offers 4 different tapes depending on the diameter of the balancer. 5" around for your 180* location for a 8 If the harmonic balancer timing marks are accurate, top dead center will read at zero and the rockers for the intake and exhaust on No. Reinstall the original balancer with the conversion pully and you are set 76 Special Decore options are undecided it is a bare canvas. Timing mark VR's Timing tape on harmonic balancer? SBC 383 Stroker HP? Been fooling with timing off and on sometime and everyone that helps with the timing has never used the timing tape only the timing mark that is really a long ways from the tape, how is the tape to be used? Remove the #1 spark plug and insert the piston stop. To fix these issues we install a modern system from SBC Torque specs: Size USE TORQUE Lubricant. Harmonic Balancer Chevy If it has actually been a long time given that you have taken a look at any new vehicles, then you might be in for an enjoyable shock when you see the current technology. Select the correct timing tape for your application. 6981. I concur that if you have the typical aftermarket tab on a SBC, it covers the lines on the tape. tape where you need to tighten. Instructions. 1175, 8 pitch just about fits, first cell type TDC, second gets a 2, 4, 6, etc to about 90 or however far you want to go (50?), clear all but the bottom border, print a couple, measure to make sure your about on (90 degree = 5. To remove the balancer you will need a good puller. Enter Diameter and Width to calculate and print paper Timing Tapes. To check only initial plus mechanical advance, disconnect the vacuum advance. The final step to installing the harmonic balancer is the one that is most often overlooked. Use it for accurate timing, setting valve lash or when degreeing the harmonic balancer. Balancer Timing Tape Set 6. Find Harmonic Balancer Chevy on sale right here with the largest variety of Harmonic Balancer Chevy anywhere online. My timing mark on the harmonic balancer is about 60 degrees from my pointer (harmonic balancer mark at 11 oclok and pointer at 1 oclock) when timing my SBC 350 pre 1985. 06981317008. Rotate the engine over by hand until the piston touches the piston stop. Then measure half way between the 2 scribe marks and that is TDC. Next, check the timing with a timing light, it should be whatever the cranking timing is programmed to in the software (Sniper EFI Systems use 15 degrees as the default cranking timing value). Tom. What should timing be at cranking?? If I hooked up a timing light. Technical Applying timing tape. Shop for discount Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet here. Does it or doesn't it matter? Wait. The procedure is fairly simple but will help save some time if you have any doubts on where the accurate timing marks are for your small block Chevy. So I just used a cut-off wheel to remove about a quarter inch of the outer part of the timing tab leaving just a pointer at TDC. Guy's, Last time I watched someone use a timing light Zepplin was on The song remains the same tour, so I really didn't retain much. Make sure you have TDC marked properly and apply some timing tape to the balancer if you haven’t. Harmonic balancers and dampers are necessary for eliminating torsional crankshaft vibrations. some of the new parts that we shelled out for are this performance cam, lifter kit, push rods, and timing set all from comp cams, a new ati balancer, and from ta performance a new aluminum intake manifold, rocker arms, oil pump pick up, and new timing cover and oil pump assembly blue printed and already assembled. If any other timing gear set is used, it is necessary to check camshaft position for correct timing alignment. i used a install tool and went to much i think cause i broke the tool. Be sure to double check the timing chain and gears for proper alignment and the cam bolts are tight to specifications. Unit has both BBC and standard Pontiac 4 bolt pattern. The engine sounds good. The engine turns clockwise from the front, so looking at the front of the balancer, the tape wraps clockwise around the balancer with 0deg mark of tape on the balancer TDC mark. (a piece of tape or marking device is a From here, if this was a fresh install, we could use the hand-held display to set the ECU up for timing control with the included wizard; but having already done that, we used Holley’s desktop That timing cover looks lijke the 90's vortec ones, and the pulley is a v-belt (which they were not). Timing mark VR's Timing tape on harmonic balancer? SBC 383 Stroker HP? Been fooling with timing off and on sometime and everyone that helps with the timing has never used the timing tape only the timing mark that is really a long ways from the tape, how is the tape to be used? A convenient way to avoid the expense of having the harmonic balancer degreed. HQ Automotive Service & Parts. I painted the grooved timing point on the harmonic balancer white (with a piece of black insulation tape either side of it so it is easily detected), hooked the strobe up to No. What is base timing for a small block I've never heard of a 350 Chevy that didn't have a balancer or hub with timing marks, but if such a thing exists, you could get a timing light or engine analyzer that displays the timing on the gun. Use a little oil or Never-Seez on the crank snout and the pusher thread. So, I started looking for timing tape to fit the 6. If using an aftermarket ARP Bolt for any LS damper, or bolt p/n 951359 (16 mm, 10. 25 17 Mar 2013 On the SBC for example, there are three commonly encountered timing tab/ damper lines that can be mismatched, causing an incorrect reading. I do not have the blower belt on yet, as I want to get the engine running first then and install the blower. If you're unsure, or just want to check the accuracy of the tab and damper mark for TDC, DETERMINE TDC and MAKE A TIMING TAPE will help you to see for yourself. Know where your timing is at with MSD's Timing tape, includes many sizes to fit an exact timing setting, they allow you to see exactly where the Total timing is set. i made scratches with a sharp screwdriver, then The computer timing wire plugged in: The timing mark seems to jump around. Then I tried to take off the balancer and found out it isn't a balancer. ---the bolt on timing pointer that I had purchased did indeed fit, but was correct only for a 350. Ok,What you will need is called a timing tape. Wipe the balancer down with some lacquer thinner first, then dry it. Numbers to the left of zero on the timing tape refer to the piston as it travels down, while numbers to the right of zero refer to the piston's upward motion. If you detect damage, we have the replacement damper for the repair. Replace/tighten all the oil pan bolts. 4875"), put some double sided tape on the back, cut out, clean balancer, install tape, put some scotch tape (maybe some clear laquer?) over the top and done. Each tape is spec’d for a specific balancer diameter to maintain OR, put the motor on TDC, make a mark on the balancer where you want TDC to be, and make your pointer point to that. If it moves but the bolt on and tighten that way. The balancer bolt needs to be tightened to 70 ft. Removed the new harmonic balancer from the engine. With the timing cover in place it's now time to install the Harmonic Balancer. This tech paper will discuss how to determine where the actual Top Dead Center of the engine is to see if the timing mark on the balancer is in the correct location. place a mark 12. Make a mark on the balancer. Discover Harmonic Balancer Chevy on sale below with the largest selection of Harmonic Balancer Chevy anywhere online. (The tape runs from 10-0-60). You could purchase an aftermarket balancer and a crank pulley from one of the vendors. I assume this line is 4 degrees BTDC. Shop for discount Balancing here. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Harmonic Balancer Chevrolet for your vehicle Haven't found Balancing online? Discover Balancing on sale below with the biggest option of Balancing anywhere online. The tab cut off of your early timing cover is for the timing tab on a 6 3/4, if located on the drivers side of the motor, and a 6 1/4 if on the passenger side of the motor. Worked for me using the mopar tape. I trying to install my distributor on my 91 chevy 7. to 8 In. Measure this distance CLOCKWISE from your existing harmonic balancer timing mark and place a clear mark on the balancer. Fashion a temporary timing pointer, or bolt in the ATI timing pointer for a temporary reference point. With the timing cover off you will see the timing chain and gears. Use a timing light to set the timing. Then when i pulled off the timing chain cover and it was so loose it was sagging almost completely off the lower sprocket. Make sure you know the correct size of the harmonic balancer printable disney pumpkin templates I was thinking of getting a timing tape for it and putting the standard pointer back Harmonic Balancer. The kit consists of a guide sleeve, a diameter reducer, and two hardened guide bushings, one for the drill bit and another for the tap, (drill and two taps included in the kit) and a jackscrew and a nut to install the balancer once the crank snout is threaded. Granted, I'm not working under ideal circumstances and I don't have a degree wheel, timing tape (can't figure out what size balancer I have. And even a street engine can spend hours cruising at a sustained rpm. You don't necessarily need a timing tape, because both timing synchronizations can be performed with one timing mark. 32. The most common type of balancer has a TDC line that is about 10* CCW from the crank keyway (as viewed from the front of the balancer). Once you have the balancer off you can remove the timing cover. This means you don't need a dial back light or timing tape to find out what your timing is doing. /ft. Your 400 also should have a metal timing tab that bolts on to the timing chain cover. the distance to 36 degrees. Sbc Engines Harmonic Balancer Bolt Kit Use with part #1 to push the balancer onto the crankshaft snout after installing the timing cover and the front seal. Small Block Chevy, Fits 8" Balancer Clear anodized pointer to find the exact  Printable Timing Tape - Degree Tape - Single Tape or Sets of 40 - Metric. If you cannot find a tape or a machine shop, then you might do it yourself. Buy JEGS 40701 at JEGS: JEGS Timing Tape for Small Block Chevy with 6. Now set you new adjustable pointer to match TDC mark on your balancer. before installing the new balancer ot the new timing gear,check the fit of the woodruff keys. This is available as PN 8985 for a mere $4. Turn the engine over so that cylinder #1 is near bottom dead center (BDC) Install a piston stop in the spark plug hole of the #1 cylinder. -lbs. 250 - 8 Small Big Block Chevy Diameter Balancer Small Block Chevy Sbc. Install front timing cover with new gasket. I think i have it in all the way but it has a bigger gap between the timing cover then the old balancer. Inline Msd 2225 Fuel Pump Module W Install Kit. For those who sbc chevy ati super damper sfi harmonic balancer internal bal. A fixed point could be a bolt How to Set Valves on a 305 Chevy Engine . 6 Or 8 Inch Balancer For Small-Block Chevy’s – Pit Stop – Tech Q&A. They show a 6", 6 3/4", 7" and 8". A typical small-block Chevy's timing curve needs to be set somewhere in this range   Before turning a cam, make sure that when the harmonic balancer indicates top dead center, it's an SBC firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 You can also buy some timing tape and install it but the only thing is it won't stay on for very long. I just installed a timing tab and it look like the balancer has slipped because good clean idle sits at about 50 BTDC (almost at the very top of the balancer). Tighten the bolts with an adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction until the balancer slides off of the crankshaft. I have used this one several times with good results. However, on the 6 banger the crank only has a "dimple" in it for the removal tool. Put some double sided tape on the back, clean balancer, stick it on and put some clear tape on top and voila' Let me know and I'll mail it to you. Take diam X pie squared / 360 and whatever (I ate paint chips when young and can't remember poo, thank God for magnetic media) and made some MS Word table. This SFI unit is great for your mild to high performance engine. 1985-92 TPI Set Timing and Idle Procedure: SET TIMING 1 Use standard, accepted procedure to confirm Top Dead Center (TDC) of #1 piston agrees with 0 on timing mark. If you want to lend yourself some comfort take a 2x4 lay it flat and smack it with a BIG hammer if its on all the way it will be like hitting a brick wall, if not the balancer will move. It's not rather as futuristic as George Jetson's ride that transforms into a brief-case, yet there are still some neat gizmos nowadays. around the outside) and divide it by 4. After all the few good answers and the bs and hilarity there are a number of SBC engines that have the timing timing tab at 12 O'clock on the front cover and you have to look down behind the water pump (long) to see the timing tab. There was a difference, the leak rate is only about half of what it was before. Too much heat will melt the timing cover seal so don't over do it. verify timing mark on balancer is in right location. Dust clear coat over the timing tape, if you put it on heavy the numbers get foggy. Remove the puller from the balancer by backing out the two bolts with an adjustable wrench in a counterclockwise direction. I am trying to set the timing on my SBC 327. how to install timing tape on sbc balancer

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