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The Bonfire of Taiwan (2002) Episode 68

The Bonfire of Taiwan (2002) Episode 68

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Other name: 台灣霹靂火 台湾霹雳火 Taiwan Thunderbolt Fiery Thunderbolt Lightning Squad Taiwan Torch Огненная молния
Tien-Fu Liu (a tycoon who is well connected in politics and business) and his son, Won-Tsung Liu, have been buying and selling large amounts of illicit drugs. Cheng-Hsien Lee (a police officer with the Criminal Investigation Division) is instructed by his superior officer, Yao-Wei Lee (the chief of No. One Team of the Criminal Investigation Division), to act as an undercover agent so as to investigate the illegal activities of Tien-Fu Liu and Cheng Long Group. In the police's effort to crack down on Cheng Long Group, several policemen and policewomen shed their blood, however, Cheng Long Group, with great ties in politics and business through money, is not so easy to be destroyed. In the process, Cheng-Hsien found out that Tien-Fu Liu was the person who killed his father. In the meantime, another serious crime takes place and Cheng-Hsien, who has been utterly devoted to his job, immediately engages in a battle with the criminals so as to defend justice against evil and injustice.
Original Network: SET TV,
Country: Taiwanese
Status: Completed
Released: 2002
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Gangster, Mafia, melodrama,